Linda Hallberg

Linda Hallberg

Featured Hairstyle: Ulyana Aster; Wedding hairstyle idea.

Bas/Base Danessa Myricks Vision cream cover N03 LH cosmetics Infinity palette Paris Berlin HD puder HT 20 Ögon/Eyes LH cosmetics mood crayon Likeable LH cosmetics Infinity palette Naked cosmetics Ivory kit (the green one) Lashes – Don’t remember 🙁 Lumene true mystic volume waterproof

Batom LACRAÇÃO PURA! Esse é o •Eclipse• da @limecrimemakeup ! Vende na Flavinha Alonso Flavinha Alonso Stunning color! Eclipse by @limecrimemakeup !

Nude Sand- Linda Hallberg

From products that grip your makeup in place all day and ones that neutralize skin concerns, shop the products to help you attain flawless-looking skin and therefore a better canvas for your makeup, always.

Haj! Älskar en ögonsminkning med färgerna lite ramdom placerade på ögonlocken, som ovan Bas/Base Danessa Myricks Vision cream cover N03 Linda Hallberg Infinity palette – Zwicky, Maffei, Pinwheel, Cig

Perfekt bas: Nude Air Dior & By Terry, Touche Veloutee | Petra Tungården | Bloglovin’


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